«Engels’ Edition of the Third Volume of Capital and Marx’s Original Manuscript»: Michael Heinrich

ABSTRACT.- In 1993, Marx’s manuscript of 1864-65, used by Engels as the basis for Volume III of Capital, became available as part of the Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe (MEGA). It is therefore now possible to compare the original ms. with the version published by Engels. This comparison reveals that Engels made significant modifications, despite his own claim to have restricted his role to one of faithfully presenting Marx’s own work. Changes to Marx’s text include design of headings, insertion of sub-headings, and textual transpositions, omissions and insertions. The changes have real impacts on the text, especially in the area of crisis theory, the theory of credit, and the relation between capitalism and commodity production. Marx’s thinking was far more ambivalent and much less developed that it appears to be on the basis of Engels’ editing, and it is doubtful whether the materials were available to complete Capital

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